Dear friends, Interacting with prospective civil service officers hailing from Karnataka was inspiring to myself and I vouch it was true for our group of officers who were conducting motivation sessions and mock interviews. I could look at my own images in them. I was reliving my own days aspiring and preparing to be a civil servant. Those sessions brought bonhomie and comradeship among serving officers from Karnataka. I could see bright future for Karnataka with such brilliant candidates preparing for civil service. Mix of officers drawn from different services and different backgrounds must have been an envy of other coaching centers conducting mock interviews. These memories etched in my brain would be ever green and making me feel proud to be a part of the system. So many times selected candidates coming across and acknowledging my role was totally full filling. Grateful to Krishik foundation for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Dr C S.Kedar IAS (Rtd)

It is heartening to note the Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation through its Delhi Branch, has been organizing several preparatory activities for civil service examination candidates from Karnataka with an objective to improve their chances of success. The main activity has been mock interview for those selected for interview after the main examination. They also conduct motivational programmes and interaction of candidates from Karnataka getting finallly selected. I have also found the interaction with the young aspirants very refreshing. I would like to appreciate the wholehearted and concentrated effort put in by the civil servants and experts are also noteworthy. I hope this endeavour of the Foundation will continue to inspire more and more Karnataka candidates to take up civil service as a career and to contribute their mite to nation building. I wish the Foundation all success.

Dr.Subhash Chandra Khuntia, IAS


Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation and its members Sriyuta Srinivas P.C., K.S. Shivaramu, Dr. V.R. Gudde Gowda, N.A. Madhava and others have been doing tremendous service to Karnataka candidates preparing for Civil service interviews. It was an enriching and satisfying experience for me to participate with other officers and members in the mock interviews panels from 2008 to 2013. It was stimulating experience interacting with young aspirants. I am grateful to KSF for giving me this opportunity.

T M Vijay Bhaskar, IAS 1983


Hi: The Krishik sarvodaya foundation’s efforts with regard to training of civil service aspirants during the interview stage is extremely laudable.I recall my preparation and the mock interview during which Vidyavathi Ma’am’s inputs to me elevated my confidence levels and created a positive aura for success.I could easily attribute my 200+ interview score to the valuable comments given by the senior IAS officers and other bureaucrats during the mock interview session.The fact that the mock interview sessions entail feedback from the officers themselves who have gone through the same process a few years ago adds an essence of authenticity to the whole process.I would also like to humbly appreciate the efforts of the office bearers,particularly Mr.Srinivas in organising the whole event and ensuring it’s success over the past few years.
Sandeep GR IAS


Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation has been consistently arranging mock interviews for candidates from Karnataka appearing in civil services interviews.
I was fortunate to attend a mock interview in 2012 and I must confess that the mock interview is very similar to the interview conducted by the UPSC in terms of the interview panel and the kind of questions asked in the interview.
The mock interview panel brings out the positive aspects of a candidate’s personality and builds confidence in the candidates before the UPSC interview, which is very crucial.
Also, the feedback given by the mock interview panel is very helpful to attend the UPSC interview in a confident manner.
I am thankful to Shri. Srinivas and all others of Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation for consistently coordinating and arranging the mock interviews. I wish that more number of candidates make use of the facilities of KSF in the coming years.

Warm Regards,
Akshay S C, ITS


As an aspirant of civil service examination one always lacks guidance and the initiatives of Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation has filled this vacuum and I one beneficiary of the efforts of the institution which is striving hard to make other into reality. For one who has dreams to achieve need guidance and these are provided by mentors. Israelmore Ayivor an motivational speaker and author said “people inspire people, that’s the more reason why mentorship is a critical tool for dreams accomplishment”. By providing the way to approach the mentors Who guides the aspirants selflessly and without any Strings Attached is a wonderful service which PC Srinivas and his team through Krishik Sarvodaya  Foundation is providing to society at large. I would take this opportunity sincerely thank the team and krishik Sarvodaya Foundation for the Service rendered and wish that they inspire much more people to achieve their dreams! Regards Srinivas B C , IRS , assistant commissioner service tax Bangalore

Krishik sarvodaya foundation is a perfect platform for inducing mock interviews for nurturing the dreams of civil service aspirants from Karnataka. Krishik sarvodaya foundation in general and Mr Srinivas sir in particular is doing tremendous work in this direction. This should be continued as it is a great social service in preparing highly efficient officers. This is mainly because of Srinivas sir’s selfless service for the aspirants.

Dr Lakshmi IRAS


IMG-20151126-WA0015Greetings to the Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation!
When I attended my first viva-voce for UPSC 2012, I had not prepared well for the Personality test. I met Sri. P C Srinivas at KB and he invited me to the mock interview.
It was my first brush with actual bureaucrats. They provided valuable inputs and revealed my strengths and weaknesses. It really helped me.
I learnt that every year they conduct these mock interviews and help young aspirants. Its a wonderful venture and great service by all at KSF.
I must mention the hardwork by Sri P C Srinivas which is commendable. He stays in touch with officers and seeks their advice to improve the facilities provided by KSF.

Thank you. 
Snehal R  IAS Karnataka cadre



I owe a lot to krishik Sarvodaya foundation….they provided the much needed guidance, last minute fine tuning in civil service examination… I attended their mock interviews for 2/successive years….the board is wonderful, supremely knowledgeable and experienced ….they pointed out my mistakes, guided me which helped me in obtaining good marks… the personal guidance, efforts, and support of SRINIVAS sir is way beyond words….he is our mentor, guide, who supported me even in my times of failure…God bless them and I wish they inspire and support lots of future civil service officers

Dr Manjunath IPS 2014


I am really appreciative of and also thankful for Mr Srinivas and his team for their sincere and heartfelt efforts in conducting mock interviews in Delhi karnataka Sangha for civil service aspirants from karnataka..the warmth and care shown by the team in arranging mock interviews for us makes us feel at home in delhi and also helps us to interact and get to know other fellow candidates from the karnataka  .. The Mock interviews conducted by several senior officers helps in building our confidence and also instills self belief in us in facing the interview..the efforts put in by Mr. Srinivas and team in ensuring that several senior officers are invited for the interview, as also  arrangements for travel, food shows the utmost sincerity with which the team is taking up this work every year.. I wish that the organisation grows from strength to strength every passing year and continue to do selfless service to kannadigas and karnataka

Dr.Vinay.T.G, IAS


The efforts taken Krishik sarvodaya foundation Delhi and by Shri Srinivas who is the face of the foundation is commendable and very helpful to candidates appearing at interview.
The candidates get an exposure and real time experience at the hands of highly experienced senior IAS officers. I whole heartedly thanks to Mr Vijaya Bhaskar IAS, Mr Subhash chandra kuntia IAS, & Mr Kripanidhi IDAS for their honest feedback. The KSF, Delhi  has offered selfless service   has helped many Karnataka candidates at the interview stage of upsc preparation .

Rajeev Kittur. IRS


My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the foundation which is striving hard to help the candidates from Karnataka in  cracking the Civil Services by helping them through Personality Test. I personally found the panel of KSF very enthusiastic, experienced and  professional. A panel led by Mr NJ Kamath. ICS (Rtd), Mr Upendra Tripati IAS, Mr Vijaya Bhaskar IAS, Mrs, Sharadha Subramanian IAAS with the endeavor to chisel  the candidates and help them  achieve the qualities and finesse to crack the exams. I take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts put in by the whole team of KSF, especially Mr Srininvas in arranging the mock tests.

With warm regards
Suman D P, IPS
Asst. SP
Karnataka cadre


Krishk sarvodaya foundation has been instrumental in building confidence of aspirants especially at interview stage. Srinivas has helped all aspirants like elder brother by providing all support and organising mock interviews with the help of senior officers from karnataka. This has helped to form a strong unity among karnataka aspirants/officers. I Thank krishk sarvodaya foundation for the initiatives.

Shiva sharanappa IAS


Hi: This initiative has greatly helped candidates from Karnataka. First and foremost thing is , it gives a sense of belongingness and instills confidence among candidates. Selfless efforts by the organization and especially Shri Shrinivas is commendable. If not for their own initiative, this would not have been possible. I thank Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation for such noble activities and wish good luck for future. Hope to see such service to flourish in coming days and bring laurels to our state and nation

Shivaprakash Baddi IRS Customs and excise
Assistant Commissioner


I would like to thank KSF for organising mock interviews for UPSC. They were of the highest quality and the feedback provided proved to be extremely valuable to garner high scores on the final interview. Special thanks to Mr Shrinivas for his persistent and tireless effort in ensuring that these interviews are conducted every year to benefit a whole lot of candidates from Karnataka. I would like to wish KSF the very best for all their future endeavours.

Shreyas Hosur IRAS
Asst Divisional Finance Manager


The work done by krishik sarvodaya foundation is exemplary and I was very touched by their gesture. First of all we were hosted for the welcome dinner at Delhi which made us feel at home instantly. Secondly their painstaking efforts to organize mock personality test sessions for candidates clearing mains exam was so thoughtful. Senior civil servants with their vast experience and insights could help me in improving myself in presentation and content . Each and every aspect of interview stage was analysed and tips were given in a fairly homely environment so that we did not feel intimidated. It was no coincidence that I could score one of the highest marks in the personality test stage of upsc 2012 having undertaken the mock test organised by the ksf , new Delhi . I wholeheartedly thank Mr srinivas and all the members of ksf for the initiative  and the esteemed civil servants for their time and effort.

Thank you .
Regards ,
Dr Abhishek Ratkal IRS IT


IMG-20151126-WA0018I attended the mock interview sessions conducted free of cost by the Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation in New Delhi. The interview board was manned by highly experienced officers, who gave me useful feedback regarding my performance in the mock interview. It helped me groom myself, refine my outlook and perform more confidently in the final interview by UPSC. A big salute to these selfless officers who take time out of their busy schedules, to help candidates attending the interview perform to their fullest potential. I can very well say that, most of the candidates from Karnataka, who make it to the final list owe their success, wholly or partly, to the untiring efforts of the Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation. I hereby thank them again and wish success to the future aspirants.

Shilpa Nag C T
IAS (2014 Batch)
Karnataka Cadre


Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation is rendering an efficacious service to all Kannadiga Civil Service aspirants. When I landed up in Delhi for interview preparation, I wandered in search of best institutes for mock interviews and they were really mocking institutes:-); and so I came to know about KSF through a senior. When I rang to Mr. Srinivas, I could smell the oneness and love for kannadiga brethren in his voice. Then I went to the inauguration programme; that event gave an opportunity to know so many kannadiga aspirants and some senior officers. Thereafter I took two mock interviews of KSF. Their interviews were very professional; senior officers took the interviews; their feedback were really appreciative and they tried to instil confidence in us. If anybody asks me to rate them on the scale of 10, I would rate KSF 9/10 (there is always scope to improve upon anything and everything, perfection is illusion). KSF conducts these interviews with a service motive to assist all ambitious and aspiring young candidates to achieve their dreams.

Jai Hind – Jai Karnataka!

Umesh Rathod 
Assistant Commissioner (IRS – C&CE).


For a civil service aspirant from Karnataka, preparation in a place like Delhi has become synonymous with Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation’s assistance. The quality of discussions with central impetus on issues related to Karnataka provides a good value addition to the preparation. The panel members invited by the foundation for the mock interviews and discussions include senior bureaucrats who have amassed huge experience. The anecdotes and other discussions boost morale of the aspirants before facing the personality test. Apart from the mock interviews, the foundation also works in providing assistance for the mains aspirants. Special mention of Mr Srinivas deserves merit as he has selflessly worked to ensure that any civil service aspirant gets that what is due to him. I extend my heartfelt gratitude and wish Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation serves our people in the same zealous manner.

Dr Ahmed Muyeen Farooqi
IRTS 2009
IIS 2010


IMG-20151126-WA0016My heartfelt thanks to Shri Srinivas and Krishik Sarvodaya Foundations and all people behind this great initiative of conducting mock interviews and guiding aspirants in their preparation. More importantly it provides a platform for aspirants from karnataka to interact each other, know each other and learn from each other and help in building the bonds more stronger . I hope this initiative continues and if any kind of assistance which you feel I can do in your endeavour please let me know , will try my best to do it. Once again thank you everyone and special thanks to Shri Srinivas.

Ravindra Hattalli  IRS



IMG-20151126-WA0021The mock interviews conducted by senior officers have immensely helped candidates like me from Karnataka. I would like to thank Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation and Shri Srinivas Sir for taking this initiative.
Selfless efforts in conducting mock interviews and by giving valuable inputs have helped me shape my personality and appear for UPSC CSE interview with confidence. Such selfless efforts needs to be appreciated so that it will especially help candidates from rural and poor background to get exposure to face UPSC CSE interview which is very challenging. 
I wish them good luck for future and bring laurels to our state and nation at large.

Atul Kulkarni
Indian Police Service( I.P.S)


I’ve attended mock interviews 3 times in Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation. In my last attempt, which I cleared, I’ve attended mock interview only in the foundation. Some of my observations are:
Interview is taken by senior officers, who have good knowledge about the interview process in UPSC.
They are very serious about these exercises.
This gives good opportunity to meet and interact with fellow aspirants. Some of them have become very good friends.
The environment in these mocks is very similar to that in UPSC interviews.
It is a good confidence booster.
Coordinator Mr. Srinivas has worked hard over the years to ensure good quality and has done commendable job in regularly organising them. I thank the foundation and especially Mr.Srinivas for helping me and numerous aspirants in sincere efforts to clear the exam.

Gurudatta Hegde, IAS
Karnataka cadre 


The initiative of KSF by arranging mock interviews for karnataka people is very helpful… It helps the candidate to rectify his mistakes n feel more confident in actual upsc interview…. moreover the panel consists of senior officers who r highly experienced and can guide us in the right direction… Srinivas sir and their team r doing an excellent job…

Thanking you
Ryshyanth IPS 
Karnataka cadre


IMG-20151126-WA0020Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation, Delhi is engaged in a truly philonthropic activity of helping Civil Service aspirants from Karnataka at the stage of the personality test and Mr. Srinivas has been a moving spirit in this regard. The mock interviews conducted at the Foundation by panels comprising senior officers, journalists, academics among others, have been very helpful in polishing the sharp edges and also in putting things in perspective.
I am indebted to the foundation and would be very keen to participate in whatever way to take the philanthropic intentions forward.

Varun B R
Indian Police Service


I had a wonderful interview with very good score courtesy  Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation Delhi branch mock interviews. Take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in organising. The senior officers, esp IAS were extremely generous and gave the right feedback and encouragement.

Prathibha Ramaswamy, ICLS
Asst Official Liquidator,
High Court, Bombay.


KSF Delhi Branch, has been rendering a yeoman service by guiding candidates from Karnataka for Personality Test conducted by UPSC. I hereby congratulate and thank the office bearers of KSF and Mr Srinivas who takes a lot of personal interest to assist the candidates and facilitate interactions with senior officers. This helps the candidates to face UPSC interview with confidence and many have got excellent results.
Thank you!
Anish Hegde IRTS


The initiative by Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation, Delhi in guiding the Karnataka based civil service aspirants is really a commendable one. Our candidates are fortunate that this organisation gives the full support including logistics to the candidates who arrive in Delhi with a dream to join the prestigious civil services. The efforts by Shri. Srinivas as a coordinator is highly appreciable. The organisation takes a lot of pain in organising mock interviews to the aspirants by esteemed and experienced senior officers from across various services. This helps the aspirants in getting a very good insight of the actual interview. This initiative has helped me a lot. I whole heartedly extend my gratitude to KSF, Delhi and to Shri. Srinivas for all the support I got during my interview. I wish the organisation in its future endeavours in guiding the aspirants.

Asst. Commissioner (Cus, CX & ST)
Salem, TN.


When I was preparing in Delhi,  every interview giving candidate from karnataka without any exception,  would invariably take mock with Krishik sarvodaya foundation. So I was curious about it.  When my own turn came to give Mock with the KSF, I was pleasantly surprised by seeing the sophistication with which they were conducted.  The range of faculties brought in was very wide with lot of senior officers with lot of experience. I was even surprised to see a Punjabi officer keen to help us people from karnataka.  That shows the hard work put in by the KSF  foundation team members ably led by Srinivas sir. It is a great initiative by the team,  which according to me,  doing a selfless job in trying to get as many people from karnataka to clear the civils. If at all I have to suggest,  I would say that – the interview transcripts which we mail it to you after the completion of interview,  could be shared with officers coming to take mock.  Of course they are experienced people and they don’t have the time to go through them.  But I feel it is better to insist with them to go through the transcripts so that they are aware of the type of questions asked by the current crop of board members and accordingly,  can shape the mock.  That would help the mock to be more relevant as per the needs of the times.  With more and more positive feedback about the KSF,  more number of people who clear mains would like to take mock from you without miss.  And I think that would be a great responsibility on the team to broaden it’s scope. So,  we are open to contribute to your team’s efforts in whatever way possible.  All the best to the team.
Thanking you,

Arun Kumar V M 


Dear all

It was a great privilege to attend the mock interviews conducted by the Krishik Sarvodaya Fondation with help of Senior officers from karnataka at Delhi Karnataka sangha. The mock interviews conducted were in par with actual UPSC interviews. More over the help rendered by Mr.Srinivas Delhi police, in organising and coordinating the interview was commandable. I strongly recommend it for other civil service aspirants to get avail of this opportunity.

Dr.Venkatesh V, IRS(I.T)
Assist Commissioner of Income Tax


Krishik Foundation for me turned out to be an oasis in a desert. Previous year when i attended interview i got below average mark of 145 out of 300 but next year after availing the facility of mock interview extended by Krishik foundation at Delhi karnataka Sangh i could score 234 in interview. Krishik Foundation’s work is a boon not only to UPSC aspirants from Karnataka but also an esteemed and selfless service for the state itself.

Dr Bheemashankar IPS 2012 Krnataka cadre


My heartfelt gratitude to Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation Delhi  and it’s members who are working very hard every year to help upsc aspirants frm Karnataka. Myself being beneficiary of this programme witnessed many of my friends crossing the hurdle of upsc ‘ s personal test. Experience shared by Senior officials was of great use while facing the interview. Mr srinivas works relentlessly and coordinates the programme very friendly. His nature nd conversation skills makes, rural candidates very comfortable & confident. I wish all the very best to Krishik Sarvodaya  Foundation Delhi Branch. May God gives them enough strength in all their endeavours. .

Dr Rajendra K V IAS 2013


Karnataka had a bumper result in UPSC CSE-2014. The initiative was commendable in exemplary terms. The guidance received by senior bureaucrats through the efforts of Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation was a great contributor to the magnificient results this time. It is the efforts of Mr.Shrinivas which deserves a special mention. His zeal and enthusiasm to give support to aspirant-officers, not just deserves applause, but also deserves to serve as inspiration to many to devote your lives to a noble cause. Special thanks to senior officers, who, despite being hard-pressed for time, made every effort to best guide the aspirant-officers. I hope that all of us will seek inspiration from them to render yeoman service to this great nation.

Rahul Raichur, IAAS


KSF has been doing a commendable job by exposing youngsters to expert panels consisting of senior IAS and IPS officers. This helps us to destroy all the myths regarding interview panel and face interview with courage and confidence. Good luck and continue the good work. Regards.     Kiran kumar K  (IPS)
[5:42pm, 9/10/2015] Hi: KSF Foundation has been of immense help for the UPSC aspirants at different stages of the examination. My personal experience has been mainly with Delhi chapter of KSF which had organised Mock interviews assisting the successful UPSC-MAINS candidates to refine their ability to handle the last and yet very important step UPSC Personality Test. As a beneficiary of KSF’s efforts, I can say that KSF’s efforts had been a great confidence booster and contributed directly to my success. Comprised of a qualitative bunch of academicians, serving senior and junior officers, the interview panel gives the right balance of experience and contemporariness and variety. It allows the candidate from all backgrounds to attain that right perspective and frame of mind needed before the interview. In the highly commercialised UPSC coaching field, the selfless efforts of KSF are highly applaudable.  Behind all these, it was heart-full to see committed KSF members including the one man army Mr.P.C Srinivas who I personally know and have seen his efforts behind the scenes, in realising the objective of enabling every successful mains candidate to enter the final merit list. Along with KSF, I would also thank the officers, academicians who takes great interest in training candidates to make them officers. I would request KSF to be in continuous touch with successful candidates to make use of their services while visiting delhi or through present-day technology to help reciprocate their success consistently year by year enabling innumerable civil servants from Karnataka

Naveen Kumar R, 
Indian Foreign Service (2012)
Embassy of India, Tokyo


Hi: Krishik sarvodaya foundation , by itself searched me from Karnataka bhavana, it was my first visit to Delhi and my first interview. I was running low on my confidence. But the mock interview changed it all. The interview feedback gave me great confidence and direction which helped me to score very good in interview.
Thanks to Mr srinivas who coordinated when I landed in Delhi.
Hope more and more Karnataka civil service aspirants get to know about this beacon of light at Delhi.

Jai hind
Jai Karnataka mathe

Yathish Chandra GH IPS
SP Ernakulam Rural


Hi: The mock interview taken in KSF Delhi was very helpful for my Upsc interview. The guidance from senior officers specially the young officers was very crucial and also they motivated in right spirit. One suggestion I have is to give the chance of taking more mocks so that a candidate will be more confident and better able to face the board. The young officers should be given chance so that they are more oriented/inclined in motivating the aspirants. Online forum should be maintained wherein the officers and the aspirants get a platform to interact on a day to day basis. I sincerely thank the KSF Delhi for building my confidence level to face the interview and become successful in the examination.
Vinay G M
Assistant Commissioner
IRS C&CE 2014 Batch
459 Rank in 2013


IMG-20151126-WA0019Hi: The interaction with senior officers arranged by KSF has been a wonderful experience for all civil service aspirants from the state.  Attending the mock interviews and discussions gives immense moral booster before the last step of CSE. I thank the organisers of KSF especially Mr. Srinivas.P as well as all the officers who take out their precious time for the welfare of student community.

Sunil V
IRS(C&CE) 2014


Hi: I would like to thank Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation for conducting mock interviews for civil services aspirants appearing for personality test. It is a great initiative as it not only makes the candidates more comfortable with personality test, but also creates a platform where all the candidates from Karnataka get to know each other.  The quality of mock interview set up is on par with the UPSC. Special mention is needed for coordinator Mr. Srinivas who is spending a lot of time to make the programme successful. All the best.

Dr.Vijay Kumar MD. IRS.  IT
Asst commissioner of income taxes.

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